Great commission, starting at 13% of revenue

We offer lots of different commission structures depending on how you sell and the volumes you sell. You can see what we pay out on our network page or by reaching out to us.

Live tracking

Working with Paid On Results we offer live tracking for all our sales.

Dedicated Account Manager

All our affiliates get a dedicated account manager, no matter the size of the affiliate. Meaning you have a point of contact to email directly with any questions.

3 reasons to work with us!

1: Custom Campaigns

Our team can work with you to build custom campaigns, emails and other promotional material that fits your website, blog, shop or anything else. It’s in our interest to ensure you perform as best as possible.

2: Want to meet us?

Knowing who you’re working with is important, so why not come and meet us and the team. We can discuss campaigns, options and how we can work together.

3: Transparent tracking

Whether you promote us through an affiliate network, or work with us directly, we put a lot of effort into ensuring our tracking is spot on. We have an in-house finance and statistical team that monitors everything. So you can rest assured you’re not going to miss any due commission.

Pick how to work with us

We work with online, offline and over-the-phone affiliates. So no matter how you sell, we have a solution for you.

Work with us directly

Typical companies that work directly with us:

  • Call centers
  • Field reps
  • Large volume online affiliates

If you fit any of these, then maybe you should join our internal affiliate campaign. To find out more about the custom campaigns, custom commission and custom…. well everything, email [email protected]. Please include your name, company name, how you sell and a contact number.

Work with us via Paid On Results

Looking to sell us online? Then our chosen affiliate network is Paid On Results. You can find us on their network already. If you’re not on there already then please join and then lets get started!


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