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What’s There To Watch?

200+ channels including Premier Sports, LaLigaTV, and Fuel TV. 80 extra channels to Freeview are all available. Access live sporting action, binge-worthy box sets, box office movies with BT Sport, Prime Video, YouTube, Rakuten TV, BritBox, Hayu and loads more streaming services *

Pause & Rewind **, Record 135+ Freeview Channels including 15 in HD

Find what to watch quicker and easier with Universal Search, Amazon Alexa and Personal Recommendations. 50,000 hours of On Demand TV from catchup services including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5 and UKTV

Unlimited mobile TV with search and cast programmes straight to the TV. Watch channels on the go and connect as many devices as you like.

* Aerial required for Freeview live channels
** A USB stick is required to record or use the pause & rewind features


Live Channels & Apps

Comedy or Drama, Movie night, Kids time or Sports: You decide as there is always something to watch with over 200+ channels included. Access a world of steaming on your own terms. Watch Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and loads more steaming services.

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What's Included

  •   200+ Channels
  •   Freeview Included
  •   On Demand TV
  •   Pause, Rewind & Record
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BeSmart Utility Club

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BeSmart Utility Club

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